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Click on the links below to view professional articles, body-location-specific guidelines and industry sources of information:

Evidence-Based Rehabilitation Summaries (RehabWorks)
Neck pain
Low back pain
Pregnancy related low back pain
Knee osteoarthritis

Evidence-Based Physical Therapy Guidelines
Neck pain
Knee ligament sprains and instability
Knee meniscal and articular cartilage injury
Hip osteoarthritis
Achilles tendinitis
Heel pain - plantar fasciitis

Other Guidelines
ACOEM Guidelines - Low back disorders
European guidelines for management of acute nonspecific low back pain
ACOEM - Chronic pain
ACOEM - Elbow pain
ACP-APS guidelines - Low back pain
ACSM-AHA guidelines - exercise for older adults
AOTA guidelines - Adults with neurodegenerative diseases
APS guidelines - Fibromyalgia
Clinical practice guidelines for intensity and organization of rehabilitation

Click on the links below to visit websites of professional interest:
American Physical Therapy Association
American Occupational Therapy Association
Move Forward PT
National Guideline Clearinghouse
Pubmed National Library of Medicine
Physiotherapy Choices
Cochrane Reviews
Ortho Protocols
STOP Sports Injuries
Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)
National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH)
National Safety Council