Team Works Therapy

We offer complete therapeutic and
rehabilitative services for body pain,
injury recovery and prevention across
Cache Valley and throughout Northern Utah.

At TeamWorks! we team up on the entire spectrum of body pain as discussed in the following sections. You’re free to choose your TeamWorks! therapist. No referral is necessary.

Neck or back pain? Get relief, get back into life

Studies show that 80% of us will suffer from a serious neck or back condition during our lifetime. At TeamWorks! Therapy, our No More Neck/Back Pain Program offers you manual, hands-on treatment along with exercise. This combination has proven to be most effective at relieving neck and back pain.

Headache or TMJ pain? Ache no more, in no time

We don’t just manage headache and temporomandibular joint pain, we relieve it and dedicate ourselves to ending it. We carefully assess the severity of your condition, analyze and evaluate all the possible treatments, and then design a customized program to eliminate the source of pain and promote fast recovery.

Joint or extremities pain? Banish it with our hands-on therapy

Whether it’s shoulder, elbow or hand pain, hip, knee, ankle or foot injuries, we excel at hands-on, one-on-one techniques and treatments to relieve joint pain and restore extremity function. We design highly effective exercise programs to enhance joint mobility and bring limbs back to full use – you back to living.

Is surgery in your future? Our care ensures better tomorrows

Whether you need state-of-the-art rehabilitation from a rotator cuff operation or one-on-one therapy following hip replacement or knee surgery, our Back to Life Post-Op Care Program delivers more understanding, expert, personalized treatment, and in-depth education to speed your way to maximum recovery.

Has aging left you vulnerable? We deliver hope, healing, health

From post-op recovery and rehabilitation to wellness programs and dealing with balance issues, immobility, falls, weakness and arthritis, we have the tools, techniques and “touch” to keep senior bodies engaged and energetic. Its all yours through our Active at Any Age Program.

Neurological and circulatory issues? Your comfort is our promise

Whether it’s nerve entrapment causing pain, numbness or weakness, or a problem affecting your circulation like diabetes, we have therapies that are proven to help. We also offer treatments that work successfully on the effects of chronic conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, stroke or multiple sclerosis.

Losing out to sports injuries? Come back, win with TeamWorks!

Whether you’re a student athlete, weekend warrior or in a senior’s league, pain and injury are constant possibilities. Our Sporting Life Program offers a multi-disciplinary approach: both physical and occupational therapy plus injury prevention sessions that fit your body type, activity level and personal goals.

More Powerful Results with TeamWorks!

95% of our post-surgery patients experience significant improvement

94% of our low back pain patients experience significant improvement

87% of our hip and knee pain patients experience significant improvement

86% of our shoulder pain patients experience significant improvement

84% of our foot and ankle pain patients experience significant improvement

80% of our head and neck pain patients experience significant improvement

89% of all our patients rate themselves as, “Better, thanks to our services.”

In a recent survey, 100% of the respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with our care. 100% of them said they would use our services again.